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MortgageDon’t be the next home loan victim.

Whether you are :

  • a first time home buyer
  • wishing to refinance, or
  • an investor, first time or seasoned,

buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

You need to make an informed choice that’s right for you. Most people think it is just about interest rate - this is so wrong. Time and again, we see simple structural errors which have cost clients many thousands of dollars.

With so many different loans and lenders available , it is worthwhile getting some help. We will assist you to find the mortgage that best meets your long term goals and strategies. We at You First

  • take the hassle and confusion out of shopping around for a mortgage that meets your needs. We will structure your borrowing tax effectively with flexible options for the long term
  • we offer a max Loan to Value ratio with up to 90% for medical practitioners, dentists and vets

As an independent mortgage broker, we can objectively assess the loan products of at least 25 lenders. We are not linked to any banks and will not therefore put you into a product that may not be the best option for you. Unless otherwise agreed, there is no charge to you for our services, If we successfully negotiate a loan on your behalf, we will be rewarded for our time and efforts by the lenders on settlement of your loan. The cost of the loan to you, is no greater than if you had negotiated directly with the lender - but without the benefit of strategy or independent advice. Let us find the mortgage that best meets your long term goals and strategies. As a property investor, it might also be necessary to examine the business structure of your portfolio as well as the tax implications.

We at You First will help you do what is right for You.


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